Guitarist, singer, songwriter Patrick Durr has been playing music in the Central Valley and Bay Area of California for more than forty years and he continues to perform in solo venues and with the Modesto, California based acoustic trio Home Grown, currently celebrating thirty-five years of music together. During his musical sojourn, Patrick has played music with excellent musicians, including family members. A love of all music produces a songwriting style that is difficult to corral in a single term. Harmony in flowing melodies, interesting guitar chords, light accompaniment and themes of daily life occur throughout Patrick's original compositions. Patrick's musical family heritage nourished a love for a variety of musical styles and family gatherings continue to include music. Several of his siblings, nieces, nephews and his sons are musicians who perform solo and/or with musical groups. "Harmony, tight vocals, interesting guitar, solid backup - that's the music we listened to growing up; that's how I learned." Patrick's songwriting covers a spectrum of subjects and genres and he loves to add his touch to popular favourites. His song, You Can Fly, was the soundtrack for the national first place award winning CityVideo in an Arts & Entertainment Network competition. Home Grown has released three major recordings: Home Grown (record album), Home Grown Reunion (cassette) and Home Grown Reunion (CD re-release with additional tracks). In addition, Home Grown completed another music video, Oh Brother! Patrick has released a solo album of works from various recording endeavors, Scrapbook, volume III and most recently, Scrapbook, A Collection of Songs for Children, whick is receiving excellent reviews. Presently, Patrick and his partners from Home Grown, Michael Lingg and Bruce Johnson, are completing a Chirstmas CD, A Home Grown Christmas. Updates about that album can be found at homegrowntrio.com In the meantime, Patrick has recordings in his archives for Scrapbook, Volume I and Scrapbook, Volume II. He has another solo album of new songs ready to record and Patrick plans to complete an album with members of his family. As Patrick's Grandmother Ireland wrote in her autobiographical Nebraskaland, "There was always music." "I remember being in a recording studio when I was told that John Lennon had died. After the initial stun, I took great solace in being in that place, in that temple, at that time." -PD Listen to a Patrick Durr recording; you'll enjoy the trip